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Coffee of The Day: Boon’s “Fruity & Wild” Stunning Ethiopia Blend of Harar, Sidamo and Kaffa Beans


There is always something uniquely special about coffee reports, reviews or articles about coffee in and from Ethiopia, because after all, had it not been for the Ethiopians, at some time all the way back to the days of Southern Abyssinia, one day deciding that they actually LIKED THIS STUFF, this awesome black beverage that during centuries would be perfected in everything from production to processing, roasting and brewing, the world might not ever have had the joy of drinking coffee as we know it today 🙂

So before anything else, AMESEGE’NALLO Ethiopia, for bringing coffee to the world!

My Coffee of The Day is an outstanding blend with beans from the Ethiopian coffee region of Harar, which located toward the eastern border with Somalia was the first region to start commercial coffee growing as early as the 10th Century when Arabian traders succeeded in planting the first seeds collected from the Typica Arabica variety in Southern Kaffa where coffee originally was discovered growing in the wild sometime around the 6th Century.


Harar coffee, when you are lucky enough to get a pure 100 percent single origin Harar coffee, is possibly THE BEST COFFEE available in the world, with a flavor profile so unique that it beats any other beans from even the most outstanding farms elsewhere in the universe of coffee — but Harar coffee is difficult to get hold off and as a single origin bean it belongs in the category of truly rare coffees.

Today’s Coffee of The Day, however, gets close to be one of the best coffees SpillingTheBeans has ever tried from Ethiopia, with the “Fruity and Wild” blend from Boon Coffee in Dubai, UAE offering a mix of beans from Harar, Kaffa and Sidamo. Boon’s Full & Wild is an extraordinary cup: The Kaffa beans produce a full body, Sidamo beans add wild and fruity flavors, and all come mixed with a subtle hint of the blueberry notes that Harar beans are so famous for. The mix of these beans is a blend that Boon’s founder and owner, Harar native coffee apasionada Orit Mohammed, worked on for years in order to perfect the final cup flavor. The result is one of true perfection with the mix of these beans producing an elegant acidity in the cup, a silky-smooth flavor and long-lasting full and rounded after-taste.


Meeting Orit in Dubai a few years ago was one of these random moments that SpillingTheBeans couldn’t feel more privileged about — we are HONORED to call Orit our friend today and to have been adopted into her Harar sisterhood as an honorable member. A great Coffee Lady, Orit is working really hard to not only promote Ethiopia’s finest beans in the Boutique Market for specialty coffees BUT at the same time also works tirelessly on social projects in education to improve the future of children in the remote and isolated Hararghe mountains. SpillingTheBeans couldn’t be more happy to support her in these efforts!

Orit Mohammed of Boon’s Coffee roasters, buyers, importers and retailers in Dubai, UAE

To Coffee Lovers or roasters interested in 100% Harar beans or Boon Coffee’s other OUTSTANDING Ethiopian beans, don’t hesitate to contact Orit here:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.49.41 PM
SpillingTheBeans visiting Harar’s coffee mountains with Boon’s Orit Mohammed in November 2015


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