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Coffee of the Day: Tourist Coffee Alert For Top Indonesia Toraja And Papua Beans


Dear Followers, in honor of the all too many victims on the Indonesian coffee island of Sulawesi from a non-stop series of natural disasters, from the devastating tsunami last September to earth quakes in March and April, SpillingTheBeans is re-publishing our earlier Coffee of The Day review of Sulawesi’s world famous Toraja beans. To all of you Coffee Lovers who want to support the local growers and communities to rebuild, please browse the internet and your local cafes and coffee suppliers to buy as much of this coffee as possible. We know from previous experience that it’s when consumer efforts get underway to support small and vulnerable communities that actual progress can be achieved. And please write us back here and share your links for WHERE you can buy Toraja coffee, and we’ll be happy to update this post with more details. Our prayers and warmest thoughts are with the victims and the hundreds of families of these tragedies in Sulawesi.

With Tribal Coffee Community in Paupa New Guinea
SpillingTheBeans meet with tribal coffee growers in Papua New Guinea in May, 2013

JAN 14, 2016 (SpillingTheBeans)–We are always excited here at SpillingTheBeans to introduce new beans and share great coffee experiences with our fellow Coffee Lovers out there in the big wide world. On our recent trip to Indonesia in December 2015 we spent more than a few excursions touring local super markets in different cities across northern Sumatra and on Bali, and as always when on coffee trips, we bought a huge stack of local coffees to give the local coffees a try.

Of those coffees we REALLY loved are two different samples of beans from the Jakarta-based Maharaja Coffee company that we have decided are so good that they really deserves a spot here. Even better, not only can these coffees be purchased online BUT are also available in a great variety of super markets across the main Indonesian islands — so to all you Coffee Lovers lucky enough to spend a few days as a tourist in Bali, Sumatra or elsewhere in Indonesia, you should definitively stock up on a few of these packages of beans 🙂 And even if we haven’t tried all the other different coffee regions that the Maharaja Coffee Co offers, we are confident that based on these two top-notch blends, when it comes to knowing good coffee, the guys at Maharaja Coffee know what they are doing — so we would encourage you to buy a full round of their different region coffees!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 2.24.56 PM

The first one of our Coffee of The Day today is Maharaja Coffee’s “Natural Papua Wamena” blend of truly outstanding beans from the Indonesian half of the New Guinea island, which in Indonesia is known as the province of West Papua. Covering a huge 785,752 square kilometers, New Guinea is the world’s second largest island and home to one of the most extraordinary diverse flora and fauna. We have yet to visit the West Papua province but SpillingTheBeans was privileged to visit the Papua New Guinea side in 2013 and had an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience meeting tribal coffee communities.

Considering that the mother land of the two Papuas, PNG and West Papua share the same climate and environment it’s no surprise that the coffee from the Indonesian side is just as extraordinary as the PNG bean that we have had as one of our constant Top-5 Coffees of the World list for years. Grown at altitudes of up to 1,600 meters, this coffee has an incredibly rich full body, deep winy and fruity flavors, a fantastic balanced acidy and overall just a real treat for any real coffee lover.


Coffee in Sulawesi, photo courtesy by Sweet Tree Artisan Roasters

Our second Coffee of The Day is Maharaja Coffee’s “Celebestica Tana Toraja” blend of beans from the highlands of the same name on the island of Sulawesi. Indonesia is comprised of over 17,500 islands and 4 of the world’s 10 largest islands after Greenland are all found within the Indonesian archipelago with Sulawesi being the 10th largest.

Toraja coffee has for years been famous in the Specialty Industry and the fame is well deserved with this blend a classic example of the fruity and nutty flavours with subtle notes of spices, a very mellow medium to high acidity, a full and rounded body and all together a very clean and balanced coffee with a crisp and elegant aftertaste. In 2011 the Toraja coffees were rated the 2nd best of Indonesian coffees by and both the Papua and Toraja coffees typically score between 88 and 90 points.

Happy Coffee Drinking heart

Freshly Picked Coffee In Papua New Guinea
Fresh and perfectly picked red cherries at Papua New Guinea’s Colbran Estate

*Visit Maharaja Coffees at:
*For Papua New Guinea’s Colbran Estate, try:
*See more pictures here:


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  • Nice coverage.
    For me Indonesian coffee is the most widely variety of coffee in the world.
    We have so many coffee variety you have to try. You have Toraja and Papua already.
    But, you have also try Aceh Gayo, Mandheiling, Lampung, Kintamani (Balinese Coffee), Java coffee, Flores (Timor coffee), Lampung and many more. Our local coffee also promising with a local taste you never tried before.
    I also passionate about coffee and brewing coffee. so let share…

    • Thanks for your kind words Aries, I have known Indonesian coffees for many years and tried most of the different regions you mention — I was happy to finally find a very nice coffee in the local market which both visitors like tourists can buy, as well as you can buy it online. I already have a Bali review here on the blog, and I have a number of other reviews from Gayo and Mandheiling coming up, so please do come back here 🙂

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