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GCR–Coffee Consumption in Brazil: A thirst for Cafezinho


Coffee Consumption in Brazil: A thirst for Cafezinho

From the November 2011 issue.
Coffee consumption in BrazilIn a 2001 report on the upcoming decade of coffee in Brazil, Promar International (PI) consultancy described as ‘overly ambitious’ the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association’s (ABIC) goal to push the country’s total domestic consumption to 15 million 60-kilogram bags by 2003. We think it will be the end of the decade before that level of consumption is reached,‚Äù the consultancy wrote.Contrary to Brazilians known flair for being ‚Äúalegra‚Äù in life ‚Äì happy and upbeat ‚Äì the Promar report has already been proven uncharacteristically pessimistic. By 2010 Brazilians were gulping down close to a whopping 19 million bags of coffee. And, industry officials agree that the rapid rise is far from reaching its peak.‚ÄúEvery day we are seeing the number of cups consumed increasing. The ‚Äòcaf√© da manha‚Äô, or morning coffee, is still very important to Brazilians, but today people are also drinking coffee outside the home, in bars and restaurants, at all other times of the day,‚Äù says Nathan Herszkowicz, the Executive Director of ABIC.



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