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Welcome and Thank You!


Cupping Guatemalan Coffees At the SCAA 2013 in Boston
Dear Followers. I am truly excited to be sharing this new blog with you. Besides the various news and articles, I hope you will like a couple of my special features, including a weekly origin focus on either a coffee producing country, region or farm, in addition to my blog “What’s in Your Cup Today?” in which I will address multiple issues affecting coffee from seed to cup. I am writing on my first blog for you from New York where I during the last few days have been meeting with editors in the final hunt for a publishing deal for Spilling The Beans, my book about coffee which has been 20 years in the works.

Things are going well and I am excited to let you know that I have been receiving great interest from major publishing houses including Simon & Shuster and St Martin’s Press. I will keep you posted regularly on how everything is coming along for the book and always welcome questions and quieries. In the first edition of “What’s in Your Cup Today?” I will take a look at a issue of particular interest to many in coffee these days: Credible Data. Stay tuned for the publication of this blog real soon and thanks SO MUCH for your help and support during all these years.heart


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  • Well done, looking good! You are a living/walking abundant resource and fount of knowledge!

    • Thanks Bernard, your kind comments are much appreciated and comments and questions are always welcome!

  • I”ll buy a copy the moment it’s available. Just let us know when (Although those dinosaur publishing houses take FOREVER to actually get something printed!)

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks so much Nick, I’ll keep you posted here on how it’s coming along because yes I agree that book publishing is a very slow process these days but keeping fingers crossed that i am within 12-18 months away… in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy some of my producer stories here and in the weekly NewsLetter, starting this week 🙂

  • Muchas felicidades por llevarme a conocer otros lugares y por acercarme al mundo del café

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