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Burundi Doubles Cup Of Excellence Lots As Minister Vows to Improve Coffee Quality


SEP 16 (SpillingTheBeans)–East Africa’s smallest coffee producer Burundi is making big quality improvements, doubling the number of participants that saw lots qualify to participate in the Cup Of Excellence internet auction to be held next Oct. 8th, organizers the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) said in a statement, the Global Coffee Report magazine reported.

A national jury and the Cup of Excellence International Jury tasted each Burundi coffee a minimum of five times during the cupping competition leading up to the selection of the finalists. The 27 winning coffees qualified after they scored 85 points or above with each juror in each round of cupping, and represents a doubling in the number of participating lots.

“This speaks volumes about quality improvement, separation and focus by the washing stations, and almost non-existent potato defect which last year kept the quality from shining through. These are not coffees you will find every day and we are proud to be able to bring them to the marketplace as award winners. If you have ever been curious about this rising East African coffee nation, now is the time to jump onboard.” said the ACE, according to the GCR report.

Burundi’s coffees, which were described by the ACE as being “incredible but mostly unknown” beans in the market, were reported to carry cupping profiles including full bodied coffees that are “well-structured and exhibited flavours of raspberry, honey and stone fruits, including peach, apricot and even plum.”

The improvement comes exactly one year after Burundi’s Agriculture and Livestock Minister Odette Kayitesi called on the country’s producers to improve coffee quality across villages through intensified efforts to supervise coffee growers in quality improvement projects.

“The approach of the Burundian government in the coffee sector is to maintain and strengthen the quality of the Burundian coffee in order to get other markets and therefore incite coffee growers to increase their production and earn more money,” the minister said in September of 2013. She said that as part of the official efforts a national census of coffee trees will be carried out.

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