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Coffee Demand in Ecuador is Growing As Industry Set Eyes For Expansion


Local demand for roast and ground coffee, however, is on the rise, having increased over 40 percent in the last 5 years alone and local consumers still hold high regard for Café Gardella, Ecuador’s oldest brand which was set up according to Italian coffee traditions by Italian immigrants in 1941. Here Luis Gardella McGann, the founder and
former CEO of Cafe Gardella.


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  • What an insightful blog and great writing. Your articles about Ecuador and so many other topics are fascinating and provide a lot of insight into a little known part of the coffee industry. I will be back to check for new updates often. Thanks

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, your comment is much appreciated 🙂

  • Hi Maja –

    Just found your blog on all things coffee. My partner and I are planning on visiting the Galapagos and while we understand you can purchase beans on the islands, we are wondering….can we bring green coffee beans in? We will be arriving there in November on a sailboat and want to make sure that we can either buy green beans, or can have them on our sailboat. Costs for a pound of green beans? FYI – we want green as we roast them ourselves in a air popcorn popper….

    Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom.


    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for your kind message, it sounds like you are going to have quite the adventure. It should be possible to get hold of green coffee beans and you should be able to get them to the U.S. too, although customs are normally tricky… I will try to find a few contacts for you, do you know when you will be there? Maja

    • Hi Heather, greetings again, I have to admit that I am jealous of your upcoming cruise to the Galapagos. As for a few specifics, here are three emails for the company I featured the coffee from, EsCoffee. They buy directly IN the Galapagos, so depending on the harvest season you may be able to find green beans available. As for the logistics, I can’t guarantee you that it will be possible to take green beans back into the U.S. — in principle you are allowed to take samples into the country, but if you are unfortunate and get a grumpy customs agent they may want to ask you for an import license and/or sanitary papers. SO please do check that directly with the point of entry offices at where you will re-enter the U.S. The three emails I have are; ventas@escoffee.com; usa@escoffee.com; franciscorendon@escoffee.com; Please do let me know how it goes and good luck!

  • Maja: Something must be wrong with your e-mail system as I have as yet to receive any e-mail from you. Many thanks for your efforts anyway.

    Have a good one, Dan Page

  • How can I buy more of the Cafe Gardella Arabica Ecuador coffee beans 453g?

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