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New E-Book: Coffee Journeys with Spilling The Beans – BUY it Here!


June 7, 2015 (SpillingTheBeans)–We are SO excited and proud to announce the launch of this BRAND NEW series about everything coffee from SpillingTheBeans’ author Maja Wallengren;

“Coffee Journeys with Spilling The Beans”

As many of you know, for more than 20 years I have been working on my book about coffee, the ultimate book about the Human Face of Coffee and the people behind the most popular beverage in the world with which 80 percent of all Americans start their day every morning 🙂 but the writing and publication of Spilling The Beans – Coffee in Conflict and War is, as always with traditional book publications, a slow affair. I am making really good progress on the book — now over 70 percent finished — so please stay tuned while I work on finishing the writing and publication of Spilling The Beans.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this new series; Coffee Journeys with Spilling The Beans

This new series is based on articles published in the coffee industry’s most prestigious and respected publications and I am sincerely proud to launch this new series with Volume I – Costa Rica.

Buy it HERE at the Blog EXCLUSIVE price of only $5.95 per volume:


“Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee in and from Costa Rica – A brief and to the point overview and introduction to the coffee industry of Costa Rica”

PRE-ORDER the NEW Volumes in this E-Book Series coming up soon on:
heart–Papua New Guinea
heart–The State of Coffee 2015-16 Supply-Demand Market Outlook
heart–Consumer Markets, Overview and Growth Trends
heart–The World Is Running Out Of Coffee
heart–Women in Coffee – Case Studies From Producing Countries

heart heart

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  • Best of luck with your book Maja, wonderful to meet “passionate” coffee people, John

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