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Coffee of The Day: Guatemala Antigua Strictly Hard Bean


It’s Sunday and that makes room for LOTS of great coffees, truly a day to enjoy and explore so there is going to be a few for all you coffee lovers out there today. Starting with this classic of classics in the specialty department is a Strictly Hard Bean from the slopes of El Volcan de Agua in Antigua, Guatemala. One of the absolute favorites of roasters across the world and one of the top-five most popular coffees in the world, Antigua coffee is simply amazing.

And few have described the beautiful cupping profile better than Ted Lingle, the founding executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the outgoing executive director of the Coffee Quality Institute, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to promote and develop the consumption of quality coffee.

“Today Guatemala has so many regions of coffee, and so many different sources of good coffee, but to me, I think the Antiguas will always be among my favorite coffees; It has everything that makes a coffee remarkable with the balance, strong attributes in acidy, flavor and body,” Lingle told SpillingTheBeans.

Don’t miss the SPECIAL REPORT on Guatemalan specialty coffee published here last week:

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