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Small Producers Bringing In Fresh Harvest in Papua New Guinea

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Coffee produced in Cuba is worldwide renowned for its unique flavor and its long-lasting aftertaste. Coffee plantations up on the hills of Sierra del Rosario are for example worth a visit: they infact include a visit centre to learn more about the history of the coffee production. You can also have a cafe cubano tasting, which is served black, in small cups.

is included in the Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra, in the very heart of Sierra Maestra, a heaven for bird watching.,… Sierra Mastra in the highlands located to the west of Guantanamo

Coffee of the Day: Blue Mountain From Papua New Guinea
Since the early beginnings of coffee growing across the “Niugini” highlands in Papua New Guinea selected seeds were imported from Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee region. Many in the coffee industry believe the Blue Mountain variety, which can be traced back to the original coffee seedlings that were found growing in the wild in Ethiopia hundreds of years ago, over the years has developed into a much more full-bodied coffee in PNG than in its original settings in Jamaica. My coffee today is a medium to dark roast blend from the Arabicas Ltd roasters in Papua New Guinea which buys coffee from across the PNG highlands. It has medium acidity and a very full aroma. Very good wake-up coffee that get all your senses swinging into action!

*Coffee of the Day: Kaldi’s Coffee From Ethiopia’s Kaffa Region
Straight from the south-western coffee lands of Ethiopia where Arabica coffee first was discovered growing in the wild around the 12th Century according to most historical accounts, my coffee today is an espresso blend from the Kaffa region sold by Kaldi’s Coffee house chain in Addis Ababa. Bold, earthy, smooth and simply delicious!

*Coffee of the Day: Mexico Café La Selva Peaberry
My coffee today is one of my all-time favorites from Mexico; Café La Selva’s incredible Peaberry blend from La Candona rainforest in Southern Chiapas State. Full bodied, medium to high acidity and just beautiful, for over 15 years Café La Selva has never let me down with their impeccable quality consistency. heart


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