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Coffee of The Day: Nespresso’s Suluja ti South Sudan capsule and coffee cup


>> Limited Edition 2016
Limited Edition Grand Cru espresso made with Robusta beans from South Sudan, Africa.

–3 of 5 stars
Roast: medium
Intensity: 8/13
Flavor: cereal, woody
Content: 5 grams of roast and ground coffee.
Beverages: espresso (1.35 oz)
Brand: Nespresso
Price: $1.25 per capsule
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Nespresso’s Suluja ti South Sudan capsule and coffee cup
Initially released on the European market in 2015, this rare limited edition Grand Cru is out for a short – 2nd – run in the U.S. which explains its higher price, at $1.25 per capsule, and the fact that it might already be momentarily sold out by the time you read this review.
Suluja ti South Sudan is quite intense with a woody, bitter flavor but I find it to be a bit dry – remember I always drink my coffee black to fully experience it. This means it might be somewhat rough for most and you might want to drink with milk as a cappuccino to soften it up. The main question is if Suluja ti South Sudan is worth spending $1.25 per capsule and I would say Yes for hardcore espresso drinkers while casual coffee drinkers might want to skip that one.

Nespresso Suluja ti South Sudan



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