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COMING UP: Coffee Reviews From Yemen, Canary Islands, Yemen, Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, Belize, Monsooned India Beans and Papua New Guinea


One of the best perks about being a coffee writer is the access and opportunity for sampling truly fantastic and rare coffees from across the world. That, combined with coffee safaris to some of the most isolated parts of the worlds and crop trips to some of the most spectacularly beautiful places on earth spread out in the coffee mountains in well over 90 different producing countries and island nations, well, that just makes for magical writings and real inspiring reading, all along while enjoying truly extraordinary beans.

Coming up NEXT on SpillingTheBeans is an EXCLUSIVE insight pieces on the AMAZING coffee history of some of the world’s oldest producing nations Brazil and Indonesia, as well as the latest harvest insight from Honduras, India, Tanzania, Vietnam and Central America. In addition to this, we’ll have new reviews on mouth-watering coffees from Jamaica’s famed Blue Mountains in the heart of the Caribbean, an outstanding peaberry blend from Papua New Guinea, Malabar Monsooned beans from India, estate coffees from Nicaragua and Belize, exotic beans from the Canary Islands and Yemen and the truly UNIQUE Barako coffee of the Liberica species from The Philippines!

Straight out of our unique collection with samples from no less than 65 different coffee producing countries, stay tuned for these exclusive reports on our mouthwatering coffees heart

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