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Colombia Coffee Production On Track For 9M Bags in 2013


Exclusive SpillingTheBeans’ Harvest Insight: Coffee production in Colombia in the month of May reached 937,000 60-kilogram bags, up 36 percent on the same month last year, Colombia’s National Coffee Growers Federation said on Tuesday.

Production from January through May was also up 36 percent at 4.026 million bags while total production in the last 12 months from June 2012 through May 2013 rose 24 percent to 8.819 million bags, Fedecafe said.

SpillingTheBeans believe these latest figures put Colombian production firmly on track for reaching 9 million bags in calendar year 2013, and possibly also for the 2012-13 crop year. It will, however, still fall short of Fedecafe’s hopes for a crop of 10 million bags unless significant recovery continues for the remainder of the year.

The final Colombian harvest results this year depends on how flowering develops for the next main crop, for which harvesting starts in late September. The flowering process for the main 2013-14 crop is currently in the crucial phase where the beans start to form inside the cherry and until the end of July when the bean formation will be complete any precise estimate will be premature. heart


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