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On Coffee Safari In Costa Rica, New 2014-15 Crop Seen Down 30% But Quality In Top


MAR 23, 2015 (SpillingTheBeans)–SpillingTheBeans had the privilege to visit Costa Rica from Jan. 17-23, hanging out with lots and lots of wonderful coffee people across the coffee lands. We are happy to share a few select images with you, and the latest insight on the new harvest, which is NOT turning out to be as good as initially hoped for, but quality should be in top.


Getting ready for my 2nd day at the beautiful Doka coffee estate in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, January falls in the middle of the harvest season and there was a joyous atmosphere all around the finca. Here we were organizing a coffee photo shoot with this beautiful old “Coffee Carreta” in the midst of the plantation 🙂


The new 2014-15 crop has come in 30% below expectations, in some areas like the Central Valley because of the ongoing negative impact from the rust fungus, and in other areas — like Turialba — because of the combination of heavy unseasonal rains in the second half of December follower by strong winds in January, which knocked off a lot of ripe cherries just before picking started.


But the QUALITY of the new crop is in top, and consumers need not to worry about getting the good beans they are used to from Costa Rica in the year ahead.

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