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ORIGIN FOCUS: 1–THE CARIBBEAN – Coffee Islands In Paradise


Dear Followers, we are in the MIDDLE of changing the format for the Special Origin Focus here at the moment but expect to have the entire series on the Caribbean coffee islands of Paradise up and running shortly. Thanks for your patience 🙂








BLUE MOUNTAINS, Jamaica (JAN 13)–SpillingTheBeans’ author and global coffee reporter Maja Wallengren was on Tuesday honored with her very own tree of the Blue Mountain coffee variety on Tuesday at the Clifton Mount coffee estate in Jamaica’s world famous Blue Mountain coffee region.

Receiving the full Red Carpet welcome to Jamaica by her hosts the Sharp brothers Jason and Richard, SpillingTheBeans is truly and deeply touched by the warm and generous coffee spirit surrounding every part of Jamaica’s coffee industry.

The Sharp brothers are the current owners and managers of the Mount Clifton coffee estate, which first started growing coffee in the late 1700s under the name of the Clydesdale Estate, and today produces some of the best Blue Mountain coffee that Jamaica has to offer coffee lovers who truly appreciate outstanding coffee.

The visit to Jamaica marks SpillingTheBeans’ coffee origin Number 43 and will be part of the UPCOMING special ORIGIN FOCUS on coffee islands in the Caribbean.

For more on the Clydesdale Coffee Estate, please see: http://www.clydesdalebluemountain.com/

And if you happens to be in Jamaica and want to try this coffee, please visit: http://www.jamaicacafeblue.com

For more on SpillingTheBeans special coffee reporting and research trip “A Caribbean Odyssey” this month, which also includes Martinique, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, please see: https://globalcoffeefund.com/directly-from-jamaica-spillingthebeans-has-arrived-in-the-caribbean-for-coffee-history-research-trip/


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