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ORIGIN FOCUS: THE PHILIPPINES – In Search Of The Liberica Coffee Bean


In the world of coffee, there are few producing countries as surprising as The Philippines! One of the world’s oldest coffee growing nations The Philippines can track cultivation back to 1740 but in addition to the long tradition of growing quality beans most coffee lovers are surprised to realize The Philippines also is a leading consumer nation and home to Asia’s 2nd largest market after Japan. Adding to the long list of truly exciting details is that the The Philippines is the only country in the world that has production in commercial volumes of all the world’s four main different Coffea Species including Arabica, Canephora (Robusta), Excelsa and Liberica. This unique availability of diversity of not only varieties but actual species makes The Philippines one of SpillingTheBeans’ favorite coffee origins in the world. Today, thanks to more than 10 years of consistent work on improving good agricultural practices in collaboration with The Philippine Coffee Board, the country’s producers are now starting to reap the benefits of international recognition as a grower of top quality coffee. This is specially exciting when it comes to the hunt for Grade 1 Selection of the rare and truly elusive Liberica bean, popularly known as Barako coffee.

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