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SPECIAL REPORT: Trending in Specialty Coffee, Decaf is Anything But Dull


For years Decaf was seen as the black sheep in the world of coffee, and regular coffee consumers would watch decaf consumers in dismay when they ordered a Decaf brand at coffee shops across the nation. Many unkind words have been said about both decaf and its consumers, but these days are long gone and as one of the hottest new trends in the specialty coffee market, Decaf is seeing a boom few would have expected just a few years back. Thanks to the solid and consistent growth in the specialty market, Decaf is anything but dull!

And going just a decade back, few would have thought that a segment like decaf could benefit from the specialty movement in coffee and see consumers increasingly demand not just decaf beans that taste as good as regular coffee, but to get the same varieties and unique flavor profiles offered to regular coffee consumers. Demand they do, and thanks to this new trend in decaf turning specialty, the market is booming like never before.

This begs the question, are decaf consumers actually the biggest coffee lovers of all? After all, these consumers actually drink coffee for the pure pleasure of drinking coffee rather than for the caffeine rush?

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