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5846 views July 20, 2013 posted by Maja Wallengren

Vietnam Coffee Production Today Between 23M-25M Bags


There is no denying Vietnam’s fast growth in the last 30 years of coffee statistics, but one of the most mis-reported myths about the Vietnamese coffee boom is that it went from nothing to 25 million bags in a little over decade. The growth in Vietnam came about through gradual planning which was visible to anyone who bothered to visit Vietnam since the mid-1980s, and production had by 1994-95 already reached 3.5 million bags. From that time it rose to 6.9 million bags in the 1998-99 harvest and then the big boom came in the 1999-2000 when Vietnam took over Colombia as the world’s 2nd largest grower with 11.6 million bags. In the 15 years since then production has continued to gradually expand to between 23 and 25 million bags today, and with the current replanting and renovation Vietnamese coffee production could reach between 28 and 30 million bags in the next few years.


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