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FASCINATING FACT – How Many Countries Across The World Grow Coffee?

Woman Picking Coffee at Aipos Village in Papua New Guinea

International statistics only recognize a little over 60 coffee growing countries in the world but independent research by SpillingTheBeans has found that the world is in fact home to no less than 96 different coffee producing countries and we continue to discover new origins from far away exotic nations. Of those, at least 84 are independent and sovereign countries, and over 20 of all the coffee origins in the world are tiny island nations for which coffee production provides a vital part of their employment base and foreign exchange revenues.

SpillingTheBeans is currently investigating a possible 99th coffee origin, which as in all other cases and origins included here includes thorough research into establishing for a fact that coffee production not only has existed in this origin since some time, but that coffee also continues to be cultivated today and that contact can be established with suppliers offering samples of the coffee.

Stay tuned to follow our ongoing research into putting these exotic new coffee origins on the map so that all us Coffee Lovers can get a chance to try them, and as always, Happy Coffee Driningheart


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    • Thanks so much, I hope you’ll like my new origin focus on Colombia! Best regards

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