Said about Maja Wallengren’s work and research:

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “You are a brave fighter on behalf of the growth of the coffee industry and the farmers worldwide. Your work will keep our world better informed and better equipped to allow people to take the right decisions at the right time.

–Roberio Silva, Executive Director, The International Coffee Organization

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”]“What you are doing is very impressive. You have the capacity to translate something very complex into something that becomes manageable for many.”

–Dra. and Ph.D. Maria Elisa Ruiz A., Bouquete, Panama

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”]“You really are the ‘Indiana Jones’ of Coffee! From your first visit to Brazil it was clear you had a different interest in the coffee industry than most, that you really wanted to see the producing countries to understand all the aspects that affect coffee production, understand the growers and how their quality of life is affected by the gyrations of the world coffee market, and understand how local culture and environment affect the final quality of the product. And to do that you wouldn’t mind travelling in difficult conditions to far away producing regions, many times places that has never before or after been visited by our partners in the trade or even by local press.”

–Marcelo Vieira, founding president of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”]”An extraordinarily thorough and very challenging presentation for all of us that remarkably well represents what confronts many millions of poor people.”

Dr Adolfo Franco, Assistant Administrator Latin America, USAID.

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “We solute your work in bringing public awareness to the complex geo-political climate of coffee commerce and the hardships created for most of the coffee producing world. We want to recognize the invaluable support you have shown our industry in helping us to articulate the realities of the coffee crisis through your insightful work.

 Ted R. Lingle, Founding Executive Director, Specialty Coffee Association of America

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “WoW – I’m really impressed, your blog is delightful to browse as it is full of life and color. Your passion and knowledge is undeniable.

Tracey Ibbotson, Buhler Sortex Limited, London

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “Your work is very impressive. The facts and findings that you have underlined give all of us a very clear picture of what is the nature of the crisis and give us very important material to reflect on, and – for those who have political and administrative responsibilities – to really think about in which direction policies and programs concerning international relations between industrialized and developing countries should be oriented.”

– Dr Nestor Osorio, Executive Director, International Coffee Organization 2002-2010

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “On behalf of the Board we thank you for your dedication to the coffee sector. We cannot underscore enough the importance of having you at our conference and share your immense analytical knowledge and insight in the global coffee market with the Ethiopian coffee industry.”

–Alemseged Assefa, General Manager, Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “I always appreciate great writing, impassioned beliefs, thorough research, commitment to ideals, and excellent delivery. Your lecture at the SCAA and your various materials on the Web is inspirational. It is no coincidence that yours was one of the first lectures or that it was so well attended. Your lecture was incisive, richly detailed, and full of implementable ideas. Your lecture text provides both the historical and current social-economic context more than any other white paper I have read from the World Bank or elsewhere.

– Prof. Donald Spanel, New York City, NY

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”]  “The work you have accomplished during the past years has been greatly recognized by everyone who works within the coffee industry. The research done, its worldwide distribution and constant journalistic work undertaken with a great social sense and objectivity, has become the best tool to understand the coffee industry, its regions and the coffee growers themselves.”

– Dr. Jorge Cardenas Gutierrez, General Manager, National Coffee Growers Federation of Colombia 1963-2002

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “Te felicito por tan buena iniciativa, tu enfoque heterodoxo y tu pasión por todo lo que haces. Con tu energía y vasto conocimiento de las regiones productoras de café en el mundo, tu blog nos da una mirada rápida, actual y profesional del mercado del café. Seguro que a través de este blog muchos de los apasionados del café encontraremos un magnifico lugar para compartir no solo nuevas ideas sino mucho material original, que tarda mucho más tiempo en llegar a la imprenta o a los eventos de café.

–Manuel Díaz, Coffee Professional, Mexico

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”] “Tu trabajo y conocimiento del café es realmente admirable, y tus comentarios sobre el mercado y como los de Vietnam son excelentes porque nos permite tener más perspectiva a la situación actual en los países productores y los problemas de clima.

–Pedro Echavarría, Independent Coffee Analyst, Colombia

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”]“My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your posts about coffee to be just what we’ve been looking for but not able to find anywhere else on the net. Awesome work!”

–S Christanson, The Green Coffee Bean, Germany

[image link=”” align=”left” alt=”coffe heart”]“Ich selbst hab mittlerweile mehr als vier H im WWW gesucht und bin zufrieden, letztlich ebendiese
Seite aufgespürt zu haben. Die Informationen sind spitze, ungeachtet alledem herrscht an diesem Ort eine angenehme Art zu schreiben. Sehr tolle Arbeit!

–Alma Grissom, Schwabenland, Germany