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6190 views October 11, 2015 posted by Maja Wallengren

14 Unexpected Uses For Your Leftover Coffee (Even The Drips And Dregs!)


I have alway’s been a huge fan of recycling the coffee grounds from espresso shots that Starbucks let you take home for free, my plants love the left-over caffeine boost! But this article offers some GREAT additional ideas for all you creative Coffee Lovers out there. Do spent a few minutes to open the link and take a look at all the grea pictures!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.27.06 PM

AUG 3, 2015 (Yahoo.com)–You’ll be surprised at the things your unused brew can do—from the last cold quarter-inch abandoned in your mug to the wet grounds still sitting in the filter. We’ve even found a way to do something creative with the java spilled on your stove! (No, really.) This caffeine-fueled list of household hacks, gardening tips, foodie treats, and even coffee art ideas will guarantee you’ll never again waste a drop of your cup ‘o joe.



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