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12112 views September 15, 2020 posted by Maja Wallengren

Coffee of the Day: Single Estate El Salvador Pacamara From Cafe Miralvalle In Ahuachapan


El Salvador has been a proud coffee producing nation since the early 1740s and coffee lovers have long given top marks to the Bourbons and Pacamara arabica beans grown on the slopes of the mountainous tiny Central American nation. My coffee today is a single estate medium roast of Pacamara beans from Cafe Miralvalle, a single estate brand produced by the Urrutia’s Estates in south-western El Salvador just across the border from Guatemala. This coffee is smooth, well-rounded, with a balanced acidity and is perfect for both drip coffee and French press.

For all those coffee lovers who in particularly are fans of El Salvadoran coffee, SpillingTheBeans recommend that you hunt down your favorite beans soon, as the current 2013-14 crop is coming in as the smallest in registered history. For more on the new harvest, please see:

“El Salvador Cuts 2013-14 Coffee Crop View, Harvest Now Seen Down 58% To 554,300 Bags”


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