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SpillingTheBeans Tops New Milestone At 1.25 Million Views From Coffee Lovers


Dear Followers. A coffee a day keeps the hackers at bay… not exactly, and it’s been a trying first year for SpillingTheBeans, the blog about everything coffee from seed to cup! But I am SO excited to share with you that despite a hectic travel schedule and several months where the Blog was frozen due to a hacking incident SpillingTheBeans achieved a stunning number of visitors with over 350,000 page views from coffee lovers across the World in the first year of operations. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your amazing support, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

After an excruciating four months with most of my online accounts suffering from a severe attack of some very aggressive Nigerian hackers, SpillingTheBeans is now slowly getting back into recovery mood. In the next few days we will resume regular publication and coverage of special reports from producing countries, harvest updates, Coffee of The Day reviews and the popular Market Insight comments.

And from Papua New Guinea to Brazil, from Vietnam to Kenya, from South Korea, to Mexico and El Salvador, we have lots and lots of exciting coffee news from across the globe. And beware, the market continues to be in trouble, so do hold on to an extra bag of your favourite beans and stock it in the freezer because chances are the producers won’t have this again next year!

Even more exciting is that despite all these multiple challenges, there has been a steady and growing steam of queries from industry and other coffee officials interested in sponsorships and adds on the blog. After careful evaluation with my graphic design team, we are confident that all of you will love the way we are going to add these components in the next few weeks and months, making sure to keep the independent content and focus on coffee intact while at the same time be able to offer an exclusive direct access to the world of coffee lovers from seed to cup in partnerships with select sponsors.

I look forward to seeing your comments and hear from you again – Thank you for your patience!

Happy Coffee Drinkingheart


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  • En Colombia el PIC, programa para protección de precio al productor,hace que llegue café de contrabando de otros países y esto hace que las cifras oficiales de producción no sean confiables.

    • Gracias por tu comentario y tienes todo razon Orlando, pero sin embargo si vemos la situacion hoy en dia comparado con el momento mas grave de la crisis en 2009 y 2010 sinceramente si estoy viendo que la situacion se ha mejorado. De todas maneras, hay que recorder siempre que Colombia antes tenia un promedio de produccion de 11M a 11.5M sacos de 60 minima en un anio cafetero, asi es obvio que todavia falta mucho para poder hablar de una recuperacion “complete” y por eso mismo estoy re-enforzando que estamos hablando de uan “recuperacion inicial” de consecha. Saludos y un abrazo 🙂

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