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VIDEO: Quality Coffee in Colombia – History, Crisis and Recovery


Join SpillingTheBeans in this special trip to the coffee lands of Armenia in Colombia’s coffee province of Quindío in September 2014. Learn about Colombian coffee history, the crisis caused by climate change and the recovery of the harvest in the world’s largest producer of top quality mild washed Arabica coffee.

If you have any trouble watching the video here please go to the original link at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTm2UYR2KgI


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  • Some good news also came thanks to the efforts of the Colombian coffee organisations and the scientist than are working in the new breed for Colombian Coffee trough mapping the genome of its coffee plants to facilitate the development of varieties that are better adapted to climate change.


    • Hi Rafael, yes the FNC has done a fantastic job all around and all the new reports of the Arabica genome mapping is very interesting, it was a huge part of the overall conference theme at ASIC just now. All this said, climate change is only going to make it more complicated for producers and there is no easy or quick fix to this.

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