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VIDEO: The World is Running Out of Coffee – 2014-15 Coffee Market Outlook LIVE From COTECA in Hamburg


SEP 24 (SpillingTheBeans)–The world is running out of coffee fast and in this presentation by Maja Wallengren, SpillingTheBeans’ author and an independent coffee analyst, you can see for yourself why. Global demand for coffee continues to expand at an impressive 2% to 2.5% a year but the world’s coffee producers are struggling to keep production on track both because of low prices, socio-economics and the growing negative effects of climate change. Watch the full presentation for FREE, live from the COTECA conference in Hamburg, Sep. 24th, 2014, here:

If you have any trouble watching the video here please go to the original link at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=V99oRn9GidY


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