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3500 views January 8, 2014 posted by Maja Wallengren

MARKET INSIGHT: Ecuador Nov Coffee Exports Down 13 Percent


JAN 8, 2014 (SpillingTheBeans)–Ecuador’s coffee exports declined about 13 percent in November from October, the National Coffee Council, or Cofenac, said.

Ecuador exported 88,610 60-kilogram bags of coffee in November, compared with 101,755 bags in October, said Cofenac, adding that revenues from coffee exports fell 14 percent to $14.93 million compared with $17.31 million the previous month.

In November 2012, Ecuador exported 132,387 bags of coffee, and revenue totaled $23.6 million. Ecuador has about 200,000 hectares of coffee crop, of which 42 percent have been affected by the roya fungus. Production also has been curtailed by aging plants and climate change, among others factors.

Ecuador has said it plans to replace more than 80 percent of its coffee plants over the next eight years, aiming to increase productivity and plant varieties resistant to diseases, such as the roya fungus, the report said.


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