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MARKET INSIGHT: As Robusta demand grows, so does Robusta quality


As Robusta demand grows, so does Robusta quality

From the September 2013 issue.
Global Coffee Review examines how the demand for Robusta has been growing hand-in-hand with significant improvements in its quality.
Robusta farmers in VietnamThere are many reasons why Robusta has gained popularity in the past few years. Setting aside the fact that it is the Robusta-fed soluble industries in emerging markets and producing countries that have driven an annual average increase in the global coffee market of 2.4 per cent for the past 14 years, the answer is, quite simply, quality.
“We are starting to see Robusta coffee playing an increasingly important role in the overall coffee market,” says Manuel Diaz, one of the world’s leading cuppers of Robusta coffee.
“As more people are getting educated about coffee, it is becoming clear that Robusta coffee is very much where the future consumer is centred.”
Diaz says it is exciting to see that Robusta coffee is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves.



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