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12781 views September 19, 2013 posted by Maja Wallengren

Loja is Ecuador’s Main Coffee Region


This is now changing as information about Ecuador’s coffee industry in recent years has started to reach export markets and the country’s southern-most Arabica growing province of Loja. Loja coffee, and regions like Zamora and Puyango are picking up rave reviews for producing top-quality beans. Here, the town of Loja.


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  • Dear Maja:

    I find your travels and experience in the diverse coffee growing regions of the world very interesting. I am an Agronomist with 38 years of experience in growing coffee in the highlands of El Salvador, Central America. I am interested in learning about coffee growing in other countries and also what type of tax structure the different countries have. Nevertheless, I tend to be more interested in the growing or production side, I am inclined more towards having the vision of a Biologist than an Agronomist. I have subscribed to your letter. Many thanks. Joe Molina

    • Dear Joe, thank you for your comments and for the mutual coffee interest we share; it was by pure coincidence that I stumbled upon coffee many years ago but saw it as an opportunity to enhance my travel experience, but never could I have imagined just how much it would end up shaping my life. Agronomists or biologist, all comments are very welcome. Thanks for contributing and for subscribing, after a few technical delays, the first News Letter is coming up this week 🙂

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